Exclusive for Wateruknow, we catch up with the Australian finest centre forward Elle Armit, as we talk about her move to the Italian club Plebiscito Padova, her expectation and the future.

So, Elle, the Olympics has just wrapped up and you were already on your move to Italy

I was considering the option to move even before Olympics. After Olympics I still felt good, I still had the energy to keep pushing and was happy with how I played which gave me the motivation to give Italy another crack

Playing only a “couple of games” at Olympics after almost 5 years of training is probably not enough. Australian local competitions are slowly starting to get organized, but there is still a big question mark hanging over the whole program. Are you looking forward to some more structure, certainty and a long competition?

I am really looking forward to playing Italian water polo again. I love their style and the team that I will play for trains really hard. I absolutely love the fact that we will play a game every week. I am very excited about that and I am very excited about the possibility to travel, given that we can not do that back at home

A big change in comparison to the last two years:

It’s just going to be a nice change. I have been living with the Aussie Stingers for the past year and we have been doing the same kind of thing, so I am really excited for a new challenge

We heard that you have been practising a little bit of Italian before your move:

I really love Italy and I have been practising a little bit of Italian in my own time (laughs). The food is here is as you all know, phenomenal. I have played with some of the girls that are in this team before, so apart from the water polo life, I am definitely going to enjoy every minute of the social side of things.

World Championship is coming up in a very short period of time. Given the current circumstances, what are the expectations?

World Champs will be interesting and not just for the Australians. There will be a lot of changes in each team, from coaching staff to players, so I’m intrigued to see how each team will adapt to this. I’m excited to get the team back together to see if we can improve on our results from the Olympics and Gwangju.