wateruknow sportsbet 1st round tips

The games are finally here and who doesn’t enjoy throwing a few dollars at the game we love the most. Here are the wateruknow round 1 picks.

Women’s round 1 picks

$1.83 Spain (-26.5) vs South Africa (+26.5) $1.83

Spain will come out firing. The vice-champion of the world will come out firing. Despite Covid-19, their players have managed to get more than enough playing time in both clubs and national competitions. First game is critical, and they will take it seriously, there will be no mercy shown to the significantly less experienced South African side.

$1.83 China Women (+4.5) vs Russia (-4.5) $1.83

Russia is a dangerous rival and one that could go on to fight for the medal. On the other hand China has been heavily investing in water polo over the past year and is known to be able to cause headaches to most of it’s European rivals. First game nerves will kick in and we think that China will hold its +4.5 goal advantage.

Men’s Round 1 picks

$1.83 South Africa (+18.5) vs Italy (-18.5) $1.83

One of the European water polo super powers will want to get as much confidence as possible in the first game and will leave nothing for chance.

Australia (+2.5) vs Montenegro (-2.5)

Australian man have been having all sorts of difficulties in their preparation for the games. With as much as 7 players making their debut, against the tournament favorite, we feel like Montenegro will take this game away by more than 2.5 goals. Australian men will be the team to watch towards the last games of their group. Once warmed up, they will be able to surprise anyone in the pool.

The betting tips are only suggestions. Do your own research before committing to a bet. Gamble responsibly.