podware releases new fins for all your aquatic EN-DEVOURS

PODWARE, a Sutherland Shire based company, has released a new series of their signature PF2’s body-surfing fins and thus adding a new dimension to an ever evolving body-surfing market.

PF2’s fins have been in the game for quiet some times and offer an excellent comfort while siting in a very reasonable price range, how ever the new graphics have taken their product to a new high.

POD 2 are an Advance model surfing fins/flippers compared to the PF1s, they are far more robust making them superior body-surfing fins

We’re proud to bring you a line of BODY-SURFING flippers that give you power and comfort; providing you with the best of both worlds. POD PF-series fins are made from the highest grade of natural, buoyant Malaysian rubber and built with multiple density layers for a better construction that lasts.