Australian Super Talent Corey Sains set to face world’s best at Pipeline

One of the most talented body-surfers of Oz, ambassador of WaW Hand-planes and Keel Water Sports, Corey Sains is about to come face to face against some of the world’s best body-surfers with the likes of Mike Stewart and Mark Cunningham in a Hawaiian paradize.

Unlike last year, the format of the competition is somewhat different. Every competitor will get two runs in the competition and simply put, rather than trying to top your heat the main aim of the game is to accumulate the maximum score in the first two runs. Top 8 highest scoring body-surfers will face off in the semi-final round.

Last year, Corey Sains had a stellar performace and managed to get all the way to the semi finals.

This year in his first heat (number 5) he will be sharing the line up with his close friend and great Hawaiian body-surfer, Dane Torres.

Exclusive for Wateruknow, Aussie super talent Corey Sains, who already spent a week in a Hawaii commented “I have been having the absolute time of my life here in Hawaii. The boys have been so welcoming and we have spent our days body-surfing and preparing for the main event. I will try and focus on brining my best game for the competition and see where that takes me. There is no pressure, just pure joy and excitement of being able to share waves with the world’s best”.

More updates to come