Women’s NCAA College Update

USC & Stanford battle for top spot in rankings.

The women’s college season is into week 5 and it is the usual suspects holding strong at the top of the weekly CWPA Rankings. Below are the top 10 pre-season predictions for the women’s season, as voted by coaches around the country, along with the amount of vote points they received

  1. University of Southern California – 98
  2. Stanford University – 95
  3. University of California, Los Angeles – 95
  4. University of California – 88
  5. University of California – Irvine – 81
  6. University of Hawaii – 80
  7. University of Michigan – 74
  8. Arizona State University – 70
  9. University of Pacific – 67
  10. University of California, Davis – 64

It is an interesting year in college water polo, as with every 4 years, the top players from the top schools are not with their college teams as they put their case forward for Tokyo 2020. This has affected schools including Stanford, USC, UCLA, ASU, Michigan including players from USA, Australia & The Netherlands. Some notable players missing in action in 2020 due to national team commitments are:

NameCollegeCountry2019 Goals Scored
Makenzie FischerStanfordUSA84
Aria FischerStanfordUSA58
Maud MegensUSCNetherlands68
Paige HauschildUSCUSA49
Tilly KearnsUSCAustralia29
Maddie MusselmanUCLAUSA61
Bronte HalliganUCLAAustralia34
Bente RoggeASUNetherlands46
Lieke RoggeASUNetherlands37

Obviously, if you take 466 goals and 9 of the best players in the college system out of the picture, the college landscape will change. Results will also become somewhat unpredictable, especially in the early stages of the season as teams missing key players look to others to take on a larger role.

Since the pre-season rankings were released, a lot has changed. USC has fallen from top shot down to #4, Stanford has taken the lead, Cal has fallen to #7 and Hawaii has found themselves in the top 3 teams. The week 5 rankings from CWPA are listed below.

RankingSchoolPre-Season RankingPoints
7University of California476
Week 5 Rankings

One of the most impressive climbs is that of Hawaii University, who have moved from #6 to #3 in the first five weeks. Hawaii have brought back many key pieces from last year and have also recruited very well from overseas, as they have historically, bringing over Australians Emily Carr & Chloe Barr in the past.

Cutino Aware Watch

  • Sarah Klass – Has been pivotal for Stanford in the first 5 weeks, scoring 28 goals including a 5 goal haul against UC Davis. If Stanford can go far in the post season, the 5’11” junior will have a serious claim to the award.
  • Grace Tehaney – In just her second college season, Tehaney has filled the void left by her 3 teammates missing their season to chase their Olympic dreams. Tehaney also has 28 goals, including 2 in their recent win to Stanford (which will surely see their ranking improve this week).

Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses!