Lady behind the lens of the European Waterpolo

From Len Cup to European Championship, 36000 km’s traveled and more than 100k photos taken, all for the game she loves the most.

Alexandra Krupanic (@lalex.k), is one of those that simply can not stay still and what moves her is the game of water polo. Thanks to her grandfather who was both a water polo player and a swimming coach, from her young age, Lexi, fell in love with the water and since then, has often referred to her self as being a “water element”.

Today you can find Lexi around the major water polo competitions in Europe under the banners of the major water polo organisation with likes of Total Water polo, Studio Keel and Serbian Water Polo Association creating some of the most stunning action photos of the game.

When did you start loving the photography?

At the age of 19 I was a swimmer for the local Slovakian swimming club, when I saw a billboard of Slovakian team playing a game of water polo in the Len Champions League. My mum took me to the game and I was in love with all the emotions of the game. On the second day, I grabbed a camera in my hand and that’s where it all began.

Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get:

That is exactly right. None of it was planned. I just followed my gut feeling. My first water polo photograph was very dark and you could not see much in it really (laughs) so I was extremely lucky to have some really good friends who at the time played for Spanish water polo club Mataro. They were the first ones to ask me to send them some of my photos. Than they told me they were coming to Budapest for more water polo games, so I set in my car and headed there.

It was all uphill from there. Serbian water polo players and the federation it self helped me a great deal, and suddenly I went from being far away from the action and desperately trying to capture a unique moment in the game, to being right there next to the best in the world in the middle of all the action.

I could literally measure my happiness by the amount of water drops holding tight to their bodies.

After that you started following the major competitions closely:

Although life took me to Spain, my life as a photographer meant that I’m always on the road. In those years I was working hard to cover as many games I could from both Spanish and Hungarian league. At the end I ended up in Genoa for to final 8 of the champions league which was a spectacular event.

Than I got a special invitation thanks to Studio Keel and Serbian Water polo to be their official photographer at World League Super Final in Belgrade and it was my time to shine.

Team Montenegro celebrates a historic Bronze

The pinnacle of your career so far, was the European Championship in Budapest. Tell us how did you prepare for such big events and what does your daily life as a photographer involve?

I’m serious when I say this, the life of a photographer isn’t easy. I have to travel thousands of kilometers, on the sun, snow, rain fog and than countless hours of photo editing and publishing.

European Championship in Budapest, was my big opportunity. Before the big events its not just about getting my camera ready. I write down each player’s number and their respective position all in order to capture the best possible moment in the game.

Finally, your favorite gear ?

Nikon!! For me Nikon has the best camera’s and lenses.