Women’s Test Series Wrap Up

Stingers came very close, but USA claims the series after superior 5-1 turn around in the last quarter

QUARTER TIME: 1-2, 1-1, 4-2, 1-5

It was a great spectacle of water polo as two world water polo power houses clashed head to head in Brisbane. The first game was claimed by team USA ,while in the second Australia managed to snatch the win with 22 seconds to go and thus breaking the USA’s undefeated streak of 69 games.

The third and final game of the series was a story of its own. Both teams came out firing and it was team USA that was putting more pressure and created better chances, but the Aussies stood firm. It was an extraordinary display of team defense by the Australian girls who, up until the 2nd quarter managed to keep the USA team to just 2 goals. Lea Yantisas was simply extraordinary in goals and with so many opportunities missed, the frustration started to mount on team USA. Australia managed to cash in on this opportunity and with Rowie, Amy and Abby scoring a goal each, suddenly Australia saw themselves 5-3 in front, and very much so in control of the game and the 3rd quarter finished with the Aussies leading 6-5.

Then, USA demonstrated why they are one of the best in the world. It was quick and it was swift, as the USA team managed to punish the smallest of errors in the Australian defensive lines, scoring 5 unanswered goals. The Stingers had their chances to stay in the game through extra man plays, but did not manage to find a goal worthy solution and so the game ended 10-7 for team USA.

AUSTRALIA: 1. Gabi Palm 2. Keesja Gofers (2) 3. Hannah Buckling 4. Bronte Halligan 5. Abby Andrews (1) 6. Bron Knox 7. Rowie Webster (2) 8. Amy Ridge (1) 9. Zoe Arancini (1) 10. Lena Mihailovic 11. Elle Armit 12. Matilda Kearns 13. Lea Yanitsas

USA: 1. Gabby Stone 2. Maddie Musselman 3. Melissa Seidemann (1) 4. Rachel Fattal (2) 5. Paige Hauschild (1) 6. Maggie Steffens (1) 7. Stephania Haralabidis (3) 8. Kiley Neushul 9. Aria Fischer 11. Makenzie Fischer (1) 12. Alys Williams (1) 13. Ashleigh Johnson 14. Jamie Neushul