Mondays are Better with the Budgy Boys

1 year of the world’s No 1 ‘Body-surf Podcast’

They made us shake our heads, they made us wonder what on earth they are talking about with their ‘porridge chat’, they were not afraid to poke the bear and stir the body-surfing world, but ultimately they made us laugh year-long.

There is no better way to start the week, than with the infamous ”Helloooop, it’s your Budgy Boys, Tim & Owy”. Mondays without them simply wouldn’t be the same.

Approximately 1 year ago, the founders of the Budgy Boys body-surfing club, Tim & Owy delivered their first episode of ‘The Body-Surf Podcast’ hydrated by Hairy-Man Brewery, with guest star Rikki Gilbey. It was clear from early on that the boys had more than what was required to light up the stage and so the boys kept bringing fresh content and new body-surfing stars every week. Thanks to their hard work and ingenuity the world got a rare insight to hear from true super stars of body-surfing from the Australia with the likes of Jake Rosenbrock, Ben Oakley, Nick Brbot, Corey Sains, Cliff Flax, Justin Spittle, Trevor Davies and many others…

We also had the privilege to listen in to some rare and profound discussions on current affairs like the correlation between preparing pasta bake and political preferences.

Yet one of the most memorable moments, has to be Cute Boy Corey’ solo session, which was probably the longest lasting hot topic on the domestic body-surfing scene. There was also the notorious late late night solo podcast with Tim, prior to Whomp Off Australia, which had body-surfers around the world in stitches.

The boys have delivered their 13th and final podcast of the year where they managed to get Santa on the line just before Christmas.

All podcast episodes are available via Spotify & Sound Cloud.

Budgy Boys Body-Surfing was established approximately 2 years ago, on Sydney’s iconic Cronulla Beach. Unlike their arch rivals Bate Bay Body Bashers, who gather on Sundays at Gate 8, the Budgy Boys meet every Saturday morning at Eloura Beach.

Thank you Tim & Owy for all the great moments and bring on next year!