NCAA Week Seven Fantasy Results

With week seven of NCAA Fantasy Water Polo in the books, there is a new leader in Team Lynde. Teams Azevedo & Stellet had been tossing the top spot back & forth since week one, but Team Lynde has taken top spot thanks to consistent top-3 finishes in recent weeks. 5 of 7 of Lynde’s players were able to score in double digits, and the week’s number 3 scorer Felix Brozyna-Vilim was able to score 37.5 teams for his squad.

Team Baron finished in second place thanks to Olimski & Ivanovic combining for 101.5 points, which would have been enough to secure his team second place alone.

As we get to the pointy end of the season, dropping & adding players is getting crucial as many teams have weeks with no games or just the one, it will be interesting to see which teams look to capitalize on this opportunity!

A special mention to Team Bowen for scoring the exact same amount of points as the previous week.

Scoring Table: Available at the bottom of this link.

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Team of The Week: Team Lynde

Weekly Fantasy results will be released 6:30PM Los Angeles local time each Wednesday for the previous week (Monday-Sunday).