Whomp Off Australia Predictions

DaFin and Cobras early favorites

The world’s largest team body-surfing event Whomp Off Australia, which is organized annually by Rikki Gilbey, founder of WAW hand-planes, is set to be held on the 5th of October 2019 at Sydney’s Maroubra beach.

14 teams, 140 competitors, Hawaiian body-surfing legends, Bondi Lifeguards and Australian elite body-surfers. This body-surfing spectacle will have it all.

In the lead up to this epic event, we have tried to come up with official predictions of the favorite teams to end up on the podium.

In order to come up with as accurate information as possible, we have made an attempt to contact each team captain or respective team member who have competed in previous years. Each individual will vote on whom they think will end up on the podium after the fierce whomping contest this Saturday.

For example, Corey Sains made the official predictions for the ‘Dafin’ Hawaii team, as their only Australian member and as such the most knowledgeable person to make such predictions. Unfortunately, despite our attempts we were unable to get in touch with Hamish Burrell the captain of The Northern Beaches Whompers .

After we collected all the votes, team Dafin came out as the favorite to win the tournament with a total of 6 votes, followed by the Cobras with 5.

Favorites to finish 2nd were ESBS crew with 4 votes, while BBBB, SCBS and Budgy Boys got a vote each.

Bronze medal favorites were Bondi Lifeguards with 2 votes followed by Northern Beaches and Goldie Sliders.

Official votes

NameRespective Team1st2nd3rd 
Aloysius Parker DugongsCobras ESBS Dafin
Mat SchwayBBBBCobrasESBSDafin
Lachie RomboutsCobrasDafinSCBSESBS
Corey SainsDafinCobrasESBSSCB
HyptoSouth CoastDafin Cobras Bondi Lifeguards
Paul KhodorESBSDafin Budgy BoysBondi Lifeguards
ZaquamenReef KingsDafin BBBBESBS
OweyBudgy BoysCobrasDafinGoldie
Luke BrbotTatersallsDafin ESBSNorthern Beaches