Australia finishes 9th, Russia and Netherlands fight for gold

It was a disappointing end for the talented Australian junior team. In their critical game in the cross over, Spain was proven simply too good and too experienced, which sent the Australian side to fight for the 9th place in the tournament.

On a brighter note, Australian girls did show a certain dose of character and resilience as they swiftly defeated Canada (14-5) and secured the 9th place finish. Sophie Milliken with 3 goals was the leading goal scorer for Australian side followed by Abby Andrews, Kasey Dalzi and Tenealle Fasala who scored 2 each.

Russia will defend its crown against Netherlands in Sunday’s FINA World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championship at the Olympic Swimming Complex in Funchal (POR).

Dutch team will be looking to get back at the Russians who outplayed them in the last world championship final held in Greece in 2017.

Other Results

Classification 11-12

Match 39, 10:00, BRAZIL 13 SOUTH AFRICA 12 in penalty shootout (FT: 9-9. Pens: 4-3)

Classification 9-10

Match 40, 11:20, CANADA 5 AUSTRALIA 14

Classification 5-8 semifinals

Match 41, 12:40, UNITED STATES 16 CHINA 10

Match 42, 17:20, HUNGARY 8 SPAIN 13


Match 43, 18:40, ITALY 8 NETHERLANDS 11

Match 44, 20:00, RUSSIA 16 GREECE 9