Train with 5 time Olympian, Tony Azevedo

A once-in-a-lifetime experience brought to you by Beach Water Polo 4’s.

It has been a long time since Australian junior water polo players have had such a great opportunity to train under one of the greatest water polo players of our time.

This year, Beach Water Polo Fours, is presenting juniors from Australia a truly unique water polo experience on the 14-15th of September, at All Hallows Aquatic Centre & Somerville House Aquatic Centre.

To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent to Diego Maradona coming to host a clinic for football or Kobe Bryant hosting a clinic for basketball, and here is why.

In Australia, reality is such that we are rarely exposed to the great water polo matches, between the old time greats like Serbia, Italy or Spain and here is why. Our kids unfortunately have very little opportunity to watch European water polo geniuses like Filipovic, DeFulvio or even our own Aaron Younger and Joseph Kayes, live in action.

This kind of experience is a fundamental part of the development of any young player and an experience that is simply invaluable, not just in water polo but in all sports. Watching your idols growing up, practicing their moves in the back yard or at training and then watching their games on TV and live at Stadiums is almost a natural path that every elite athlete today has gone through.

Today, the passionate water polo guys from Beach Water Polo Fours, have brought you just that. You will be in the pool, learning from the one and only Tony Azevedo. Even after almost 20 years of my international water polo, he is still looking to give back to the Water Polo community.

On top of that, Tony and his business 6-8 Sports will run their state of the art challenge program (both fun & challenging), and will collect data from each athlete and upload it to their world wide database.

What does this mean for you?

Tony Azevedo has been running water polo camps all over the world, and thus collected data from more than 5000 athlete. Each athlete was subject to the 6-8 Sports challenge, which consists of vertical jump, 12.5 m sprint, horizontal jumps, med ball holding and shot speed gun. The data collected is than uploaded to the app, thus allowing Athletes world wide to see how they stand against their age group in other countries.

Players will not be able to see the results and names of each other, but rather their own performance will be put in the world ranking system. With each athlete having their own rank, it will now be easier for athletes to focus on self development and see the quantitative results of their training.

Tony and his team will explain in detail as to how their revolutionary program works, exclusive for the camp participants.

Needless to say, it is a superb package by Beach Water Polo Fours and the good news is that there is still some spots left.

You can register via this link.

About Tony Azevedo

Tony Azevedo is, by many measures, the greatest player in American water polo history. With an international career spanning more than 20 years and one of only twelve other water polo athletes to have competed in five or more Olympics, it’s no surprise that Tony’s water polo awards and accolades span for miles. Some of his greatest achievements include:

  • 5 x Olympic Games including a Sliver Medal in 2008 in Beijing
  • 5 x Pan American Game Gold Medals (1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 & 2015)
  • 8 x World Championships (a water polo world record)
  • 4 x Fina World Cup Tournaments
  • 12 x World League Super Finals
  • USA Team Captain from 2005 to 2017