The Goggles Changing the Game

The days of bringing your own stopwatch to the pool, or trying to work out your lap times from the analogue clock in the distance while gasping for air may be over.

FORM has bridged the gap between technology and traditional swim training methods to make it possible to track metrics live, while swimming, with all data being sent to the Form Swim App where you can review your swims, customize your goggles, and connect with the community.

The FORM Swim Goggles intelligently detect turns and rest—and give you relevant metrics each step of the way. The Smart Goggles are capable of tracking split times, stroke rate/count, pace per 100m, distance & calories burnt amongst other statistics available.

FORM was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2016, although early R&D began four years ago. Many of their core team members previously worked together at Recon Instruments and Intel.

“The FORM goggles have transformed the way I practice. With the immediate feedback they give me as I turn or finish a lap, I am able to adjust my stroke to ensure I’m swimming the fastest.”

Darian Townsend – Olympic Gold Medalist

We were lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with Cyril Kowaliski, Director of Communications, to talk about this cutting edge technology.

Where did the idea come from for your product?

“Dan Eisenhardt, FORM’s founder and CEO, swam competitively for 14 years and really felt the pain of not being able to access his metrics in real time. He had the idea for swim goggles with a display in his MBA program back in 2006. For a number of reasons, it couldn’t be done at the time. But the idea did give rise to his previous startup, Recon, which delivered the same experience for snow sports. That company was sold to Intel in 2015. Today, the technology is mature enough to deliver the experience Dan wanted to deliver. And FORM is lucky to have a lot of former Recon and Intel people on the team, so we have the experience to make this product really amazing.”

Where do you hope to see this product in 5 years?

“We believe the FORM Swim Goggles will become an integral part of swim training for all swimmers who care about their performance.”

FORM however, is not trying to completely change the sport and how it is managed. FORM is not trying to replace coaches our make swimming a fully automated sport, in fact, FORM is trying to complement a swimming coach.

“FORM actually frees the coach’s time and energy to work on technique and help the swimmer become better.”

FORM’s technology is advancing at an incredible rate, we were informed that a free software update coming in November will enable the goggles to be able to support Polar Heart Rate Monitors, so that swimmers will be able to see their heart rate in real time, something unprecedented. They’ll also be able to review their heart rate alongside other swim metrics in the FORM Swim App out of the pool. FORM has been working alongside Polar on this capability since Fall 2018.

The FORM Swim Goggles are an invaluable training tool for competitive swimmers. Here’s what Scott Dickens, a two-time Olympian and FORM’s Director of Strategic Partnership, has to say on that point:

“When I was training for competition, I was often doing separate workouts from my teammates in practice because of my stroke specialty. Having access to this equipment would have enabled me to better track my workouts and communicate more effectively with my coach.”

This is incredible technology and we are very excited to see it utilized amongst all water sports in the near future. FORM goggles are available exclusively on their online store.