Update: Point Panic Contest 2019, Dates and Heats Released

The 2019 Point Panic Contest will be held on the weekend of the 7th & 8th of September.

It was not easy to put this event together and bring it to life, even though it has been running for years. There were some serious administrative issues, such as the local car park jurisdiction being transferred from Honolulu Community Development Authority to City & County. This was a major head ache for the event’s organizer, Sean, and one of the main reasons why this traditional classic was not held last year. Thanks to his determination, this year they made it work.

“There were some bureaucratic issues that we had to deal with… but I’m stoked that we are able to continue the comp. I was able to find help from US Senator Brian Schatz, who also body surfs at the park. Him and his office were a huge help to us and it was thanks to them that this competition is running again. I can not thank them enough!”

The defending (and also the youngest) champion of Point Panic ,Wyatt Yee will also be competing. Exclusive for Water U Know, he touched on the last win and this years expectations:

“Winning last year… It was a speechless moment for me, honestly. I did not expect my name to come first. I was just extremely stoked and honored to have done that. This year I just want some waves and all the boys to make it to the finals. I will hope for the best and we will see who will end up catching the best waves on the day.”

Official Heats

Heat One

1Mark Cunningham
2Dean Jezard
3Kristopher Robinson
4Walter Rodby

Heat Two

1Jd (Jeff) Devins
2Philip Kitamura
3Christopher Ige
4Mark Rosa

Heat Three

1Sean Enoka
2Joe Nickerson
3Doug Cole
4Zachary Kline

Heat Four

1Wyatt Lee
2Ian Mccaulley
3John Flanagan
4Brandon Treloar

Heat Five

1Eric Vannatta
2Kaya Paulsen
3Blaine Lewis
4Taylor Char

Heat Six

1Kai Santos
2Anoalo Stanley
3Robi Solmssen
4Christopher Dumlao

Heat Seven

1Mike Stewart
2Mark Drewelow
3Matt Castiglione
4Jim Beaton

Heat Eight

1Dylan Biggerstaff
2Kaeo Awana
3Tyler Pascual
4Mike Donohoe

Heat Nine

1Kealii Punley
2Durham Rocherolle
3Joshua Jackson
4Daniel Russo

Heat Ten

1Kanealli Wilcox
2Kyle Mensching
3Craig Watson
4Christopher Moore

Heat Eleven

1Dane Torres
2Mason Goodrich
3Brandon Caliwag
4Melvin Keawe

Heat Twelve

1Bk Holt
2Brett Bechert
3Marvin Heskett
4Keoni Watson