From UCSB to Drummoyne

Searching for a Sydney Body Surfing Club.

Pip Pipkin, former Water Polo player at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is the latest addition to Sydney’s Drummoyne Water Polo Club. With her vast experience gained competing in the world’s toughest competition for women, the NCAA, she will be an important asset to the Drummoyne Devils in the pool.

Pip in action whilst at UCSB.

However, her story goes beyond water polo.

Pipkin (23), has grown up playing water polo and life guarding on the shores of South California. It was this perfect combination, that made her fall in love, with what is considered to be the oldest and purest form of wave riding, body-surfing.

Pip’s office in Santa Barbara.

It was when I moved to Santa Barbara that I really got into it. The surf here is super good in winter and it was nice to get a session in before practice or after the class”.

When asked about her favorite break and the gear she uses, she replied:

Its hard to say…I think Sands in Santa Barbara on a big day at the high tide is my favorite. I have been using Da Fins for sometime now, but have also been experimenting with Yucca Fins. Their rails are a little bit deeper, which means I can track better on the bigger sets. As per hand plane, I have been free-styling for a while, or going old school and using a lunch tray (laugh)”

Just before her move across the Pacific, she has became part of the Santa Barbara Stoked (SBS) team, famous local hand plane shapers and ocean enthusiasts, known for producing amazing hand planes in a variety of different colors.

Fully equipped, Pip will be arriving in Sydney on the 4th of October.

With serious shortage of the ‘lady whompers’, which club will be the first to get her on board?

We spoke to her about many body surfing crews in Sydney and she excitedly replied:

That is awesome, I’m definitely looking forward for a body surfing crew to hang out with

You can reach out to Pip via her Instagram.