Kpaloa Fins, company at the heart of body-surfing.

In Australia, when fins are talked about, DMC & Da Fins are always at the forefront of the conversation. However far from the shores of Australia, in Brazil, the country of coffee & football, the professional fins company of Kpaloa is making its name known.

Kpaloa was formed in 1983, since then, Kpaloa started supplying fins within the South American market. With more popular sports in the market such as swimming and body-boarding, they decided to put more time and money into body-surfing and help develop the sport.

Kplaoa is solely responsible for organizing the national body surfing championship in Brazil, the first of its kind, named Kpaloa Brasileiro. Not only that, the company has organized 5 different events from the north to the south of Brazil so that everyone gets a chance to compete, which in the body-surfing world is very impressive.

The winner of each event, in the men’s and women’s competition, will be awarded a free trip to Fernando de Noronha, to train with legendary Kpaloa team rider Henrique Pistilli, know as the Fish Man.

Henrique Pistilli has contributed hugely to popularizing body-surfing in Brazil, through the famous movie named The Fish Man. You can find out more in this interview with Keel ambassador Parada Leticia.

Interview with Henrique Pistilli and Keel ambassador Parada Leticia.

Kpaloa has also been supporting many social projects such as Projeto Marola, which is responsible for teaching children to body-surf and understand the ocean, which is accessible for kids living along the coast.

The company has recently released a new set of fins named the Triton Series which were designed to mimic fast and agile sea creatures such as tuna, sharks, dolphins and blue marlin. The fins feature stunning prints and decades of research.

To provide ultimate comfort, Kpaloa uses their highly regarded, supple, elastic rubber formula in the foot pocket, which is extremely moldable to the foot, wearing it like a glove. The entire human anatomy has been studied in detail to provide a perfect fit between the foot and the fin, forming a unity as if it were the natural continuity of the body.

One of the many new designs as part of the Triton Kpaloa range.

“Triton Kpaloa dresses like a glove, molds to the foot. It is like a glove, not a shoe, that is, the foot is neither above nor under the fin but integrated, because the central axis extends the foot and leg so perfectly, and with its soft rubber, it leaves no gap between the foot pocket and the water inlet which can generate friction and lose energy. The side stringers are wide and hard, and the flap is hard and flexible at the same time, generating a swing along the sides. So when you blow it up, it’s like a seal, it’s like it turns me into a marine man, a fish man. All the details for better gliding and blasting were inspired by marine animals, and it’s those details that make the difference in nature. I’m in love! It’s very top!”

The famous ‘fish man’ Henrique Pistilli explains his first experience with the new fins.

Kalani Lattanzi is also an integral part of the Kpaloa team, who is a renowned body surfer and surfer. He has won many tournaments over the course of his career and is has taken on one of the largest surf breaks in the world, Nazaré.

It is excellent to see Kpaloa put resources such as time and money into the advancement of the ever-expanding sport of body surfing.

To check out their new range and the designs available visit their website.